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Found by Adventure
Lost without it

Melbourne Freedivers Club (MFC) exists to encourage a community of safe and supportive freedivers.  Thanks to the establishment of the club members have access to good training facilities and a community of safe divers to train with.  We facilitate weekly pool training sessions and loan depth gear, like freediving buoys and lanyards, to members for depth training.  We also facilitate occasional camping trips and depth training for members like trips to Kilsby Sinkhole, Lake Purrumbete and Wilsons Prom.

People train with MFC for a variety of reasons.  Some people want to get fitter, others want to find more calm, both within and at the depths of the ocean, and some want to dive deeper and catch that one that got away. Come along to any freediving trip and you will see we are a pretty diverse bunch from all walks of life and experience.  Our differences become insignificant as we bond over our passion for the deep and all learn something from one another.

With the majority of our training being pool based, several members have been inspired to test their abilities and compete in the pool disciplines (Static Apnea, Dynamic Apnea and Dynamic No Fins). Inspired by the training of these senior members we provide regular structured training sessions that can help both the novice and advanced diver further develop their confidence and skills.

Join the club and then join us in the pool to find out more.


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